Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Saturday Ride to the Wall

Friday night rain in Beijing, still drizzling when I left the apartment this morning. Only Thomas and Sabine (expats from Germany) showed up for the ride. Which was OK, because they ride at a slower pace, taking time to stop and see the sights!
Stayed overcast and cool the entire day - great riding weather. Covered 250 Kilometers.
Broken clutch cable at the handlebar lever, a common problem with the Changs. Again luck on my side, happened at the very end of the trip and I was able to ease her home in second gear. Will go to Jimbo's on Monday to get a replacement plus a spare. Old school technology - part of the adventure. Good reason to ride in groups and have your mechanic's phone number on speed dial.
Overall the sidecar is running better and better - or maybe I'm just getting more comfortable with it!?!?!?
Many onlookers every time we stop and of course the kids want their picture taken sitting on the sidecars. Great fun - sharing the experience!

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