Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Day Ride

May Day Ride 2010 - Planned for a three day event. Sabine's captures the results.

Bikers Dream & Reality!

List of repairs needed for my S/C after the ride:

1. Two tires worn out!
2. Broken spokes on two wheels.
3. Wheel bearing shredded on one wheel
4. Leaking front fork
5. Kick stand mount broken
6. Kick stand spring missing?

But we made it back home under our own power. True measure of a Great Ride!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Thursday Afternoon Ride!

Jim and Mr. Chen - fueling up the 'Big Rig'. BMW R1150GS with a highly modified sidecar.

Instead of an afternoon golf outing - we went for a S/C ride! We met at Mr. Chen's place around 11:00, then headed north to the Great Wall. Mr. Chen owns the largest car air bag company in the world. To say the least - he has a unique & different lifestyle. His compound includes a 10 car garage (each bay over sized) with a fully operational machine shop. Hummer, Dodge Quad dually diesel truck, a Jeep, a Bentley - counted 10 motorcycles/sidecars in his fleet. And probably many more - that was the inventory of the doors that were open. Gracious host - willing to share it all.

Topping off the tanks!

Very hot. Lunch break.

Rest stop at the Great Wall.

BBQ - a complete lamb with all the fixins (Chinese Style).
Great way to end a day of riding with 'the gang'.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

First Oil Change


Never realized that an oil change could be such a challenge. The BMW engine fitted to a Chang frame, although a match - it does make for a maintenance nightmare.
Sidecar removed along with the footpegs, followed by both exhaust headers. Front engine bolts removed, back bolts loosened. Entire bike raised, then the engine is lowered four inches with a tire jack to gain access to the filter cover. Oil is then drained by rocking back and forth. Reverse the assembly process, hoping that left over parts are not discovered. Start to finish - about a one hour job, by a tech that has done it a hundred times.
Lucky that it only has to be done every 10,000 Kilometers.

Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day Ride to the Flight Museum

This morning Stig and I took a quick trip out to the China Flight Museum. Dodged most of the rain storms moving through the area - didn't get too wet. Stig is the one to blame for my interest in the Chang S/C's. He has two - one is his 'beater' or daily driver(shown in the pic) and the other he keeps under wraps in his garage. That one only has 50 kilometers on it. Not sure what he is saving it for?!?!

The museum is located north of Beijing at an abandoned airstrip and hanger area. The hanger is actually craved out of a mountain. Amazing what can be accomplished with enough man power. Many aircraft and exhibits are staged in the massive hanger. The rest of the aircraft are parked in open fields, exposed to the elements & environment. Under those conditions, many of these old 'war birds' may not be around to enjoy in the near future.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Stuff From Jimbo

Jim and theTeam keep coming up with new parts & ideas for the Changs.
Tractor Style Mufflers. Not sure about this one, they are too big in my opinion?!?!?!

LCD Tail Light. I like this one!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Street Walker

Rode hard and put up wet! In our neighborhood, this S/C has been sitting in the same spot since we moved into our apartment building. She needs a lot of TLC. Like the whitewall tires!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Selling Their Goods

Vendors line the street leading up to the reservior.

where the Great Wall meets the water's edge....

Only two places where the Great Wall meets the water, at the ocean where it begins (or ends??) and at Xin Ling Nong Jia Yuan. Large reservoir and recreation area.

Great view of the wall in its natural state. Closed to the public.

A very overcast and hazy day.

Sometimes you just don't need to know....

Lunch - mystery meat, grilled fish, chicken heads & feet stew - side order of rice. YumYum!

Fish on the grill.

Secret marinade sauce.

Easter Saturday Ride to the Wall

Friday night rain in Beijing, still drizzling when I left the apartment this morning. Only Thomas and Sabine (expats from Germany) showed up for the ride. Which was OK, because they ride at a slower pace, taking time to stop and see the sights!
Stayed overcast and cool the entire day - great riding weather. Covered 250 Kilometers.
Broken clutch cable at the handlebar lever, a common problem with the Changs. Again luck on my side, happened at the very end of the trip and I was able to ease her home in second gear. Will go to Jimbo's on Monday to get a replacement plus a spare. Old school technology - part of the adventure. Good reason to ride in groups and have your mechanic's phone number on speed dial.
Overall the sidecar is running better and better - or maybe I'm just getting more comfortable with it!?!?!?
Many onlookers every time we stop and of course the kids want their picture taken sitting on the sidecars. Great fun - sharing the experience!

First Flat Tire!

On my way this morning to meet with 'the gang' for a Saturday ride to the Great Wall. S/C start handling funny - flat rear tire!!
Must be living right - I was only a block away from Jim's shop. Slowly limped it in for a quick repair.

In and out in less than 20 minutes, small nail required a new tube and they also replaced the rubber spoke protector.
50 Yuan or 7 USD. Had to force them to take that. Discount Tire back home should be so quick and friendly!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

1st Day Trip for 2009 - Yongning Zhen

We met at Pinnacle Plaza around 930. Warm clear day in the forecast, but it's suppose to snow on Sunday!?!?
Total of five sidecars - small group, still early in the season - weather still too cold for some.
Layered up, but have decided that a full face helmet will be my next purchase, need more protection from the elements on these all day rides.

Covered two mountain ranges and one long valley - 300 Kilometers. Major learning experience for me as those tight, high speed, right turns are a hand full on a sidecar.
Made it back to north Beijing around 6p. I did not stay for the BBQ at 'The Lake'. Lucky I left when I did as it took 1.5 hrs to make it home due to heavy Saturday night traffic.
No mechanical problems! Bike ran great - really like the added punch provided by the new Mikuni carbs.

Lunch Time!

We stopped for gas and lunch around 1:00. Beautiful clear day - 68F. The restaurant pulled tables and chairs outside so that we could enjoy the sunshine while eating.
Excellent meal, more food than we could ever possibly eat. Tab for 7 people including beers & soda - less than 20 USD.

Ed's Chinese Family's Home

Ed has been in China for 10 years. He adopted or was adopted by a Chinese family. The grandmother recently passed away (age 94). Since, her daughter (age74) and husband have moved into the home.

Corn is very abundant crop in this valley. Large drying bins full of corn line the streets along the way.

Kitchen area - water pot & wood stove. Stove also serves to warm a rock chamber under their bed to help stay warm at night. Very sparse furnishing but very clean.
Large picture of Chairman Mao hangs proudly in the living area.

Always smiling!
They seemed to really enjoy our dropping by for a short visit.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wooden Sidecar

Earlier this week, Bec and I went shopping (toys for the grand kids). Found this wooden sidecar model and had to have it!

After two pain staking days, I finally got it all together - and without any parts left over. Instructions were not included in the kit!?!?.

Reminded me of the time I put a swing set together after the dog had eaten the instructions.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not Good....

This incident happened to a friend of mine in Salo, Finland. Some of the older hub castings were not up to specs. Lucky he was not going too fast when it broke apart. Jim assures me that this will not be a problem with my S/C. as I have the new improved hubs!?!?!?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mikuni Carbs

Just returned from the USA - holiday vacation with our family! While there, I picked up a set of Mikuni VM 34mm Carburetors. The original Chinese carbs are not the best, hard to keep in sync and prone to leaking. Found this set on eBay from SportingForLess - $216.10. Price included shipping and matching jets for the R75/7.

Our Security Guards Really Like My Sidecar!

Always draws a crowd of spectators whenever I take it out for a spin!

Road Warrior

Got her home safely!

Lucky to have underground guarded parking at our apartment complex.