Saturday, March 28, 2009

1st Day Trip for 2009 - Yongning Zhen

We met at Pinnacle Plaza around 930. Warm clear day in the forecast, but it's suppose to snow on Sunday!?!?
Total of five sidecars - small group, still early in the season - weather still too cold for some.
Layered up, but have decided that a full face helmet will be my next purchase, need more protection from the elements on these all day rides.

Covered two mountain ranges and one long valley - 300 Kilometers. Major learning experience for me as those tight, high speed, right turns are a hand full on a sidecar.
Made it back to north Beijing around 6p. I did not stay for the BBQ at 'The Lake'. Lucky I left when I did as it took 1.5 hrs to make it home due to heavy Saturday night traffic.
No mechanical problems! Bike ran great - really like the added punch provided by the new Mikuni carbs.

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